Heatwave Advertsing
What are the experts saying?

Inside Outdoor Magazine
"The dazzling graphics and high-tech imagery used on trucks today are garnering local and national media attention. Many brands, including McDonald's, Saab, the Texas State Lottery and Sprint PCS have successfully implemented truck side advertising and mobile billboard campaigns... to reach their target audiences where they work, play and congregate."

"Mobile Billboards are one of the most effective ways to advertise in the outdoors considering the cost per thousand. Outdoor billboards require people to stop to look at the ad. But with trucks, we take the ad to the people."

Thibodeaus Research, Inc.
"Impact ratings of Mobile Media Trucks scored higher than all other outdoor combined."

Mark Lundberg, CEO of Mentor Marketing
"It's contagious; nothing grabs attention like a rolling billboard. Everything else we do- radio, TV, Yellow pages, direct mail- all work better when combined with Heatwave's mobile billboards.

Product Acceptance and Research, Inc.
"Mobile billboard displays boost name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising."

3M News
"Mobile Billboards really showcase this amazing new advertising medium; a magazine quality image that is revolutionizing outdoor advertising... The resulting impact and attention generated is unlike anything else available in the outdoor arena."

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