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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Heatwave Mobile Billboards?
Heatwave Mobile Billboards are a revolutionary vinyl covering that perfectly fits on the sides of a truck body, changing the body into a pristine, 3-sided mobile billboard. The ads are easy to change, inexpensive, and efficient. The high resolution, seamless graphics display your message without the peeling, fading, or cracking of low quality adhesive vinyl. With Heatwave Mobile Advertising, you get noticed instantly and strategically gain the confidence of your customers, all with a minimal price per impression.

What is the Quality of Heatwave Rolling Billboards?
Heatwave has partnered with Driving Impressions, the creators of the flexi-frame system. Heatwave's pristine graphics are printed on super durable ultraflex seamless vinyl with non-fading ink and double UV clear coat. This allows Heatwave to guarantee all vinyl for a minimum of 5 years.

Are Heatwave Mobile Billboards Guaranteed?
Heatwave arrives with a complete satisfaction guarantee. You owe nothing until your artwork is approved by you. Upon your approval, your ad is produced, delivered, and installed within 3-5 weeks. Heatwave ads are guaranteed for 5 years (with contracts).

How much does a Heatwave Rolling Billboard Cost?
The range is from $800 - $1700 per truck per month. The cost per truck varies with quantity of mobile ad vehicles ordered, length of contract, size of board desired, and the number of markets you wish to influence.

How long does it take to get my Heatwave Ad installed and making impressions?
Ads are usually shipped and installed within 3-5 weeks from the day approved artwork is received. Rush orders are available.

Will my ad be kept clean and presentable?
Absolutely. Our contract includes provision to insure that your board is maintained in a way to always be a quality reflection of your company.

What are Heatwave's General Capabilities? Can you target one city block?
Heatwave has rolling billboards available in more than 150 markets across the United States. We can carry your message from coast to coast, regionally, or within any metro area. Currently, Heatwave has access to over 40,000 board spaces in either 48' or 24' sizes. Heatwave also has the ability to cover Grand Openings or special events for specific locations from one city block to certain zip codes. These special campaigns come with special pricing.

Do Heatwave Ads increase traffic congestion or cause environmental concerns?
No. Your Heatwave rolling billboard is placed on a truck that is already making deliveries throughout the metro area, regionally, or across the country. In fact, your ads will beautify the landscape with your message displayed on the sides of our trucks.

What types of Rolling Billboards does Heatwave have?
Heatwave can provide you with either 48 ft x 8 ft Rolling Billboards or 24 ft x 8 ft Rolling Billboards. Our fleets of 48-foot billboards are used for coverage nationally, regionally, and in selected metro markets. Our fleets of 24-foot billboards are available in the top 150 metro markets and in select regional market areas. You tell us your needs and we'll fulfill them.

Where are the Heatwave Mobile Advertising offices?
Heatwave corporate headquarters is located in Minneapolis, MN. We also have offices in New York, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. Offices are coming soon to Chicago and Las Vegas.

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