Heatwave Advertsing
Who Else Wants To Grab Market Share, Increase Revenues, and Add Prestige?

Highly Visible Rolling Billboards Available Traveling The Busiest Highways, Freeways, and Streets Across America.

Would You Notice a 24' or 53' Rolling Billboard in the Next Lane or Turning in Front of You?
    Research tell us you would...
  • 97% of Americans say that they have traveled in a vehicle in the past week.
  • 96% of consumers notice mobile billboards.
  • 91% of people notice words and pictures when displayed on trucks.
  • 80% recalled the specific mobile billboard advertisement.
  • Mobile billboards resulted in an increase in sales of 107%.
  • Mobile billboards have the highest exposure just prior to the consumers purchase.
Heatwave Mobile Billboards Are The Perfect Compliment to any Multi Media Campaign.

Heatwave Advantages Lowest Cost Per Thousand impressions (CPM) in the advertising industry.
  • Grabs market share at a discount.
  • Increases revenues while lowering your overall advertising costs
Heatwave's emphasis on image quality.
  • Crystal clear imagery printed at a minimum of 150 dpi.
  • Ads are reusable and interchangeable.
  • All vinyl is guaranteed for 5 years.
Each of Your rolling billboards connects with a minimum of 40,000 people per day, 800,000 per month, and 9.6 million people per year.
  • Reaches your customers where they live, work, shop, play and drive.
  • Enables your company to appear larger than you are. Your ad on the side of our trucks gives you the perception of ownership.
  • Your message will be seen in multiple locations every day.
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"The Heatwave rolling billboard system has added a refreshing alternative to our overall media mix. The system's total flexibility and unique approach gives our team the creative freedom to develop high-impact outdoor campaigns that work. Our client's love this program."                   ~Greg Troin / CEO- Titan Alliance