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Fall 2009

Bernatello's Pizza Inc contracted Heatwave Mobile Advertising to outfit their entire fleet of trucks. The incredible transformation of the Bernatello's fleet displays their new, delicious Bellatoria Pizza.

The new Bellatoria Pizza trucks take fleet graphics to the next level. These trucks are a "must see" with Heatwave's flexi-frame system and ultraflex, super durable, seamless, non-fading vinyl on the sides, and top quality 3M Controltac Comply adhesive vinyl on the back doors, over cab, and cab doors.

The Bernatello's, Bellatoria fleet with crystal clear graphics is making a huge impact throughout the Midwest.

2008 & 2009

Heatwave Mobile Advertising is in the process of equipping hundreds CVS Pharmacy fleet vehicles with their state of the art frame system and pristine vinyl ad panels..

This allows CVS Pharmacy to convert their own delivery fleet into a powerful, yet low cost marketing tool.

Aug 17th 2007

Press Release Aug 2007 - Heatwave Advertising

Heatwave Mobile Advertising agrees to carry multiple messages for the Metro Health Alliance in multiple cities across the USA..

The Metro Health Alliance has discovered that by utilizing Heatwave's rolling billboards they can achieve extensive valuable exposure at an extremely low cost per impression made.

The Metro Health AllianceT is a consumer advocate organization committed to finding competent ethical chiropractors for the treatment of individuals across the country who have spine related complaints.

The Metro Health Alliance has discovered that by utilizing Heatwave's rolling billboards they can achieve extensive valuable exposure at an extremely low cost per impression made.

According to Metro Health Alliance spokesperson every city that they enter will be initiated with Heatwave Mobile Billboards because it makes both dollars and cents. To find out more about the Metro Health Alliance go to www.metrohealthalliance.com

Jan 9th 20067

Heatwave Mobile Billboards Gets More Business

Heatwave's mobile billboard trucks travel throughout the city or throughout the country taking your advertising directly to the people.

Studies conducted by the Transportation Council of America (TCA) show that "mobile billboards have an impressive 97% recall rate, virtually unheard of with most advertising mediums."

With an increasingly mobile demographic target "there is a greater need by advertisers to more accurately target a message." Mobile billboards bring any message or advertisement to multiple locations and will deliver immediate, overwhelming and targeted results.

Mobile billboards are invasively mobile and they garner unsurpassed attention. They can not be shut off or ignored yet they are accepted and read, repeatably. www.HeatwaveAd.com

A Great advantage to Heatwave Mobile Billboards is they allow an advertiser to appear much bigger than they are. What is on the outside of the truck people believe relates to what is on the inside.

Even If you are selling a service you are seen everywhere, all the time giving a bigger than life perception.

Take your message to those areas where traditional billboards are unavailable or simply not allowed. Advertise on mobile billboards to give all of your other marketing efforts more mileage and more impact.

Reach people during their drive to and from work, impact the growing number of pedestrians on the sidewalks intrigue those individuals in the coffee shops with a window's view of the city streets.

With your message on a mobile billboard, you can focus your message on specific markets. That means campaigns can be run in conjunction with direct mail, radio, TV or print media. Imagine the impact of your message when a driver hears your commercial on drive-time radio and then sees your billboard on the road, driving in the next lane.

Heatwave is positioned to serve any size business in the top 150 US markets. They go locally, regionally, and coast to coast. For more information on how you can implement Mobile Billboards in your business Go to www.HeatwaveAd.com or call 866-497-0313.

July 30th 2006

Increase Business 625%

1-800-Flowers.com, CEO -  Jim McCann, decided to avoid the web and move the entire ad campaign outdoors.  Until then the online florist had only advertised online, but this campaign took the message to mobile billboards, and across the urban landscape.

Sales in early spring 2006 surged 625% from the Christmas season – traditionally the strongest sales period. And revenues were seven times higher in markets where the outdoor ad campaign was tested. 

The company is not alone in stepping outside. With consumers Tivo-ing past television commercials, discarding newspaper subscriptions, opting for MP3 players rather than radio, and blocking pop-up internet ads, mobile billboards are starting to look more attractive than clicks and other traditional venues to some advertisers. 

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), a trade association representing 90 per cent of the country’s outdoor companies, has estimated that outdoor will be a $10bn business within the next five years.

Out-of-home expenditures – advertising targeting motorists and pedestrians – surpassed $6bn in 2005, an 8 per cent increase over the year before. “This is one of those times when an industry is at the right place at the right time,” said Stephen Freitas, OAAA’s chief marketing officer. Heatwave Mobile Advertising.

May 1st 2006

Mobile Billboard are Safe!

Researchers at the University of North Carolina prepared a thorough report on driver distraction for the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. This study, released in June of 2001, said: "The search appears to suggest that some items--such as CB radios, billboards, and temperature controls--are not significant distractions."

Traffic safety experts have studied the relationship between outdoor advertising and traffic accidents since the 1950s, finding no authoritative or scientific evidence that billboards are linked to traffic accidents.

Federal and state courts have concluded that there is no evidence that billboards impair traffic safety.

The U.S. Department of Transportation, State Department of Transportation and property/casualty insurance company's statistics on fatal accidents indicate no correlation between billboards and traffic accidents.

A broad sampling of law enforcement agencies across the country found no evidence that drivers' accidents were caused by billboards.

Numerous state departments of transportation have constructed their own billboards and message centers to provide various information to the motoring public.

Property and casualty insurance companies have conducted detailed studies of traffic accident records and conclude no correlation between billboards and traffic accidents.

Analysis even suggests a safer traffic environment where billboards exist. Studies indicate that billboards can improve safety conditions along highways. Highway safety experts indicate that the presence of advertising signs in rural areas are of value in reducing a driver's boredom, which many believe is a positive contribution to highway safety.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recently went on record (Federal Register, March 5, 1999) stating that the agency agrees that appropriately regulated billboards do not compromise highway safety. This includes mobile billboards.

March 31st 2006

Heatwave helps people get elected!

Every politician who wants to get elected in 2006 is looking for an edge.

Those who win will find a way to stand above the advertising noise and be noticed. Those who don't will find themselves in the loser’s bracket.

Political Campaign (Case Study)

Running against a 20-year incumbent, Candidate's strategists decided the campaign needed a grassroots, yet highly creative way of getting the candidate’s message to voters.

Campaign planners knew that the bombardment of political ads made delivery of the message more difficult. They decided to incorporate a medium that gained the candidate name recognition and spoke directly to voters.

The campaign turned to Mobile Billboards to deliver this critical addition to the media strategy. The mobile billboards were included and helped to cut through the clutter of campaign messages. They were everywhere the candidate needed them.

The campaign used the trucks to interrupt potential voters. Voters became highly familiar with McClendon and even recognized her at various events because of the mobile trucks. She was elected and won by 11,000 votes—attributing her success to the use of highly effective, traveling boards.

"Name recognition was very important because we were running against a 20-year incumbent. We also wanted a novel way to get the message out there. The public needs to be stimulated, and to do that you need something new. People saw the ads and felt, 'this is the person who really wants the job.' She did, and she won." David Anderson, campaign co-manager

Heatwave Mobile Advertising is the countries largest rolling billboard provider. According to Heatwave founder Chad Brink "rolling billboards only make sense for politicians who want to get noticed. They go where voters are... on the road, they ride above traffic and you can’t turn them off or switch stations."

Each one of Heatwave’s mobile boards is seen by over 40,000 people every day. These trucks are on the road already doing their job so they are not adding to pollution, or slowing traffic. The cost per a thousand impressions is less than a buck. Heatwave seems to be a way to make each campaign dollar bring the maximum return.

Anyone running for office and wants to win would be crazy not to check in with Heatwave for their election campaign. To contact Heatwave you can call 866-497-0313 or go to www.heatwavead.com

Stay tuned as we report on other new breakthrough methods for getting your candidates elected.

Dave Hackbart
CEO - DYB Marketing

January 11th 2006
Today the Mobile Billboard industry has many forms of measurement available to confirm its performance. Both qualitative and quantitative data are in growing supply, including new outdoor ratings models and automated data collection processes introduced by the Traffic Audit Bureau. The use of online technology is making the medium simpler to buy - with outdoor companies investing in sophisticated systems to help advertisers make educated decisions about outdoor opportunities in markets across the nation.

Mobile Billboards offer businesses a means to cut through ad clutter, reinforcing messages that intercept consumers throughout the course of the day. Heatwave Mobile Billboards reache beyond the home base with compelling brand messages when consumers are mobile and most receptive to advertising stimuli.

December 2005
Internet and Outdoor - Interestingly, both the internet and outdoor market to similar audiences. Both media market to a younger, educated, affluent, and mobile audience. Outdoor extends the reach and frequency of a campaign when net users are off-line. The brevity of outdoors’ copy is ideal for driving traffic to websites.

November 2005
A recent study conducted by Fallon Advertising found that the average American is exposed to 2,904 marketing messages per day. Of these, only 52 messages will get noticed, 24 will be read in detail, and a mere 4 will get a consumer response. Such findings are a bit sobering if you are counting on your ad budget to raise awareness or move product. Heatwave Mobile Advertising can help. In an era of information overload, Mobile outdoor ads have the ability to stand out, break through, and instill memorability. Its sheer presence invites inspection and its ubiquity ensures brand access when the consumer is ready to act. In today's high speed and mobile society, advertisers must go to the consumer if they want results. After all…who has time for television these days?

October 2005
Northern Tool & Equipment continues to expand and perceives its alliance with Heatwave as a significant reason they have received such overwhelming response at their Grand Opening in Atlanta.

September 24th, 2005
Heatwave Mobile advertising adds significant number of mobile billboard space in California. Los Angeles, San Francisco’s bay area. Heatwave now has boards available in the top 150 markets across the United States as well as boards in Canada.

August 3rd, 2005
According to CEO Greg Troin; Titan Alliance has added Heatwave Rolling Billboards as a refreshing alternative to their overall media mix. Mr. Troin went on to say that the Heatwave system offers total flexibility and creative freedom to develop high impact out door campaigns that really work.

July 14th, 2005
Heatwave adds new fleets to its inventory. Heatwave now has over 14,000 boards available in the top 100 markets.

June 10th, 2005
Northern Tool and Equipment a Minneapolis based company begins Heatwave Rolling Billboard blitz in Houston Texas where they are opening their 4th new store. Their marketing message is introducing Houston to the most innovative marketing approach to immediate recognition in the last 40 years.

Norhtern Tool and Equipment will certainly gain market share by utilizing this fresh bold approach.